Exceldrive IT Solutions

We cover you round the clock for all of your computer related problems.
No more hassles in getting your computer fixed !!!

Meet the era of our extensive computer and peripheral devices support.


Virus Infection

Online Identity Compromised

Spyware Attack

Blue Screen of Death 


Slow Computer

OS Boot Issues

Windows OS Upgrade

Black Screen Problems


Internet not Working

Unable to Print

Wireless Configuration

Windows OS Repair

Exceldrive IT Solutions is the known for premium computer support services. Our support team comprises several teams of experienced and certified technicians efficient enough to resolve all kinds of computer related issues. We can provide unlimited support for all issues related to computer and peripheral devices. 

Some of common issues faced by computer users and resolutions provided to them are mentioned below :

* Issues related with viruses, trojans and spywares.
* Installation and update of antivirus software.
* Setup, repair and optimization of internet.
* Support for printer setup, scanner, camera and other peripheral devices.
* Issues realted to input devices like keyboard, mouse, joystick, etc.
* Troubleshooting related to software suites like MS Office, Photoshop, Outlook, etc.
* Computer performance optimization.
* Support for mobile devices like Android, iphone, ipad, Windows phone, etc.

Whatever issue you are facing with your computer operating system, we promise you to deliver 100% resolution for your problems.