Exceldrive IT Solutions

Router is an important intermediate device for us to connect with internet but an incorrect configuration setup leave us disconnected with internet. Router configurations need technical expertise for setup and most people does not able to make anything out of that. Creating computer network need experience and expertise because any incorrect setting can make whole computer network useless.
Exceldrive IT Solutions experts make sure that your router and computer network get configured properly for a seamless internet connectivity across the network. Our highly experienced and certified network engineers can help you with setting up a wired or wireless network and will remotely install and update all required device drivers and software for systems.
We can further help you to setup firewall and network security settings for a safe and secured internet connection.

Our experts can help you with all kind of router and computer network related issues. Some of the most common situations that we support are mentioned below : 

* Setup and configure Wi-Fi, wired new/existing network.
* Configuration of secured wifi setting.
* Configure and enable firewall and security settings.
* Removal of IP conflicts in network devices.
* Managing ip addresses and router ports.
* Setting Wireless access point.
* Configuration of Gateway and DNS settings.
* Configure multiple routers.
* Installation and update network drivers and application software. 
* Configuration and optimization of router setting.
* Assistance for share folders, files, drives, printers in the network.
We are just a phone call away. We will ensure your network issue related problems can be resolved without a hitch.